It’s been a while…

As the title suggests I clearly have no time to write blogs these days, that is until the new addition to our family has his vaccinations and spends the day sleeping…on me only.

I’m sitting here remembering my thoughts from my pregnancy of ‘how on earth will I love two children’. It is a real struggle before you actually give birth to your second child to imagine a life with two children. How on earth could I love someone as much as I love my Isla-Rose? Don’t get me wrong, I was very happy we had another child on the way but the thought of ever having that much love for someone else just blows your mind. That is until they are born. Suddenly your heart multiplies, you can feel it bursting at its seams, filled with unconditional love. A love so true that nothing compares to it. 

Then a few days later you get ladened with guilt. I should be playing with Isla-Rose now but I can’t because I’m feeding Teddy. I would have sung Isla-Rose 15 songs and changed her 3 times by 8am when she was 8 weeks old, so far I’ve just managed to get out of bed with an 8 week old who hasn’t had a nappy changed in 7 hours because (not to curse it) he sleeps!

I guess what I’m trying to say is, second time around is totally different, I mean nothing could be more different. I used to spend an hour of her nap time (after a hot cup of tea) vacuuming, steaming the shower, disinfecting the kitchen sides, polishing, dusting the blinds, preparing dinner for when Dan got home. Then as soon as she’d wake up I’d be lying next to her under her rainforest staring into those beautiful big blue eyes, singing like a crazy woman. 

Now she’s all big and with her beautiful green eyes (after making a cup of tea) we sit and play together, learn together, dance together, sing like crazy girls together! All this whilst Teddy naps, then he wakes (usually to the crazy singing part!) then it’s time for food ‘get your boo boo out mommy’ Isla-Rose shouts to me as I’m washing up. I sit there feeding staring at the floor covered in bits of grass from us running in with our shoes on, the dust that’s been gathering up on the sideboard and the toys scattered across the living room. The first week of this terrified me, I would think ‘argh I can’t even clean the house’. Don’t get me wrong I’m far from an OCD cleaner but not having that control over that little thing threw me. 

Something had to give and it wasn’t going to be the time spent with the children. So instead of walking into a pristine house, with dinner in the table, Dan walks into a house that is happy, with toys across the floor, planetariums that have been created, bones that have been excavated, cold cups of tea have been poured down the sink and two children who have had all of me. Which is exactly the way it should be. My children will never remember how clean the house was or at what time they’d eat dinner. Instead I pray they will remember the laughs and the fun we had. 

So to you Mums and Dads your washing up can wait, unless of course you run out of plates then you should probably put on the tv give them a cup of milk and wash up faster than you thought possible! Well it works for me. 

Until next time, which will probably be 12 week injections!

Take care x 

The fact that I fell asleep shortly after writing this and haven’t even logged in since (it’s been 2 weeks since his injections!) shows how fast time passes! Enjoy! 


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