Love at first stitch! 

Tilly Walnes of Tilly & The Buttons has made my weekend! I received my copy of Love at First Stitch last week and haven’t looked at or thought about anything but sewing since! 

To the book itself, it is just perfectly Tilly, for those of you who don’t know (where have you been?) Tilly  has been blogging since 2010 and built up a great following but it wasn’t until she took part in the Great British Sewing Bee series 1 that I found out about her and what she does. Her site takes you from no knowledge amateur to expert if you put the hours in. The site itself now has over 60,000 visitors a month (it is possible 5000 of those hits are just me) and that’s no surprise, it’s full of great tips with clear simple instructions. A complete novice could buy a sewing machine click on her blog and learn everything they ever needed to know. 

The book is crammed full of sixties inspired with a modern look projects, being made up of chapters for the different projects with lessons in each one. You learn a new skill that can be put to use straight away. This is definitly not something just for a beginner sewer, there are many advanced projects and Tilly always gives an alternative whether it be adding piping into the Mimi Blouse or having a scalloped neckline on the Lilou dress. 

So what have I made I hear you ask? Well, I went straight for the Margot pyjama bottoms (I’ve never made trousers before so we’re really testing the instructions here!) 

I started by tracing the pattern onto tracing paper and then using carbon paper and my shiny new tracing wheel to transfer the pattern to the fabric. The fabric itself is a flannel medium weight floral from The Fancy Silk Store for only £3.99 a meter! 

I found the instructions so easy to follow (and if you read my previous blog you’ll know it’s not like me to find anything easy to follow!) and the photos show the most important parts clearly so even if I didn’t understand it it’s clear to see what to do from the photos alone. 

My Overlocker is just a godsend and neatens the edges and gives everything that professional look! 

So before I share the finished product I do have a little confession to make.. They might not fit! Well intact they don’t fit at all, yes that’s right I made the wrong size. I often watch the sewing bee and think ‘REALLY how can you stitch the zip in upside down/back to front’ etc I always make sure I’m reading the instructions again and again to ensure I’m right. Unfortunetly I don’t seem to pay as much attention to the tape measure.. So It turns out I used my waist measurement instead of my hip measurement. Now being a mathematically correct hourglass 10 inch waist to hip difference I am NEVER getting these over my hips! But fear not, it just means I have a lovely gift for one of my skinny friends! 

So here they are, with drawstring to tie! 

Love my overlocker! 

These took around 4 hours to make from start to finish.. Yes that’s me out of the sewing bee! I do spend a lot of time drinking tea and singing inbetween though. Perhaps when I make some to fit me it will take much less time now I know what to do! 

I am already into my next project from the book the Mimi Blouse, but the weekend is almost over and I should probably turn my kitchen back into a place to eat! 

Gathering stiches 

Chelsea collar

Comments, thoughts and shares all much appreciated!

Until next time folks, peace and much love Mrs Bee xxx 


4 thoughts on “Love at first stitch! ”

  1. You have (almost) inspired me to have a go! Lovely blog, you make it sound so easy, but I know really it’s because you are just so talented lovely lady. What a cut pair of pj bottoms, love them x


  2. Great reading, and great sewing. Know exactly what you mean about the kitchen too! Haven’t used an over locker before so can you tell me if you can use it to sew most of a garment’s seams as well as it edging them?


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