And sew it beegins

No I didn’t make my first spelling error there, it was a play on words..

Since becoming Mrs Beecroft in June last year my eyes seem to have been opened to the many uses of this name.
I feel like an honorary member of the Great British Sewing Bee as well as making the best honey ever!

So now you know what to expect from me, this blog will be me, my life, my thoughts. I (annoyingly for some) write just how I think.
I will use excessive amounts of exclamation marks.
I will use improper words (I have already had to google the spelling of ‘honorary’ and use of ‘improper’, I’m still not sure if it’s correct!)
Don’t expect much punctuation you’re lucky if I can get things out in the right order.

You see it wasn’t until I was 20 and in my second year at University that I was invited (or maybe more advised) to take a dyslexia test. I’d always just thought I wasn’t all that great with words, don’t get me wrong I’m not a total write-off (you see what I did there..) so I’m 20 in my second year of university and find out I do have dyslexia. ‘See I knew I wasn’t just thick’, was my first reaction, my second was ‘woah I haven’t done too bad for myself to get this far without anything but jumbled up words and thoughts somehow making some sort of sense to the examiners’

I am the type of dyslexic that could read one page of writing and have no idea what happened. Not because I can’t read it (I can) but because my brain for some reason cannot process it. This is where my love for Drama and all things creative came from. I made a picture of the words and created moving images in my mind, this is what helped me understand ‘Of Mice and Men’ this is how I got through all of those exams. Massive brain storms with colourful arrows pointing to the themes that I can still see in head now
Dreams- George & Lenny own land Curley’s wife movie star

I know what you’re thinking ‘OK you’ve made your point you go off on a tangent (I didn’t know tangent had a ‘t’ at the end… SEE!)

Welcome to Sew Mama Bee

The ‘Sew’ element will be (who’d have thought it) all things sewing!

The ‘Mama’ will be all things baby/toddler. This may include food recipes, routines, rants (never!)

And finally ‘Bee’ well that’s just me! 🙂

So basically you’re getting a little bit of what it’s like to be in my head.

Welcome, enjoy, close the page if you want, (to be honest I’m surprised you’ve gotten so far.. Of Mice and Men Donna really?! Apparently I like brackets too!)

Peace and much love Mrs Bee xx

Stay tuned for a review of Tilly Walnes ‘Love at First Stitch’



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